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$110,500 in prizes

Grand Prize

$10000 in cash for the winning team

Draper University Tuition

The grand prize winners will also get up to 4 $12K scholarships to Draper University

Delta Round Trip Flights

The grand prize winners will get up to $500 in Delta credits for a free round trip flight

Thirdweb: Get the most users with the Thirdweb SDKs

$5k+ bundle of services (like 1yr free of Lexica AI, 2 free premium tickets to consensus, an oculus, and a bunch of other things.

Thirdweb: Team who uses thirdweb and quicknode in the most scalable / useful way

$2500 in cash to the best application of Thirdweb and Quicknode

Thirdweb: Second most traffic on Thirdweb (2)

Team that gets second and third for the most users on Thirdweb

Xenesis: Best XR Multiplayer Game

We are Xenesis, a laser-comm space company. Our product can serve 3D models and data 30% faster than anything else on the market by using a globally scaled meshed network platform.

For our challenge of the week, how might we build an immersive multiplayer XR kit to empower a better experience when browsing the new web.

Think outside of the box, web browsers and traditional software were built on existing network constraints, what can experiencing the internet feel like in this new frontier with less limitations?

Mantle: Best UX: 2 team wins: $1,000 (2)

One of the most challenging problems in Web3 is creating an intuitive and seamless User Experience for dapps. Build a dapp that raises the bar for UX in some way. Make sure to explain in your submission in detail what you’ve done to make UX more accessible.

Make Ethereum addresses more user-friendly with auto-generated images https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E7l9jEHGAjs

Visualize Mantle chain data via dashboards and data visualization

Visualize Mantle address transaction history with a TikTok-like timeline

Tatum: Best use of Tatum in your project

Beam Cloud: Best AI app powered by Beam (3)

$5000 in Beam Credits for your cloud app

Quicknode: Best 10 projects using QuickNode RPC gets $400 each (10)

Quicknode: Best use of the Quicknode Token API gets $1,500

Quicknode: Best use of the Quicknode NFT API gets $1,500

Best use of Open AI (3)

The top 3 teams to use OpenAI will receive $2500 in OpenAI credit

UX Designathon

Best UX Design study on how to improve Miami Hack Week will win $500 in cash along with 75% off of any Iron Hacks program!

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Judging Criteria

  • Subjective
    Judges will be doing peer to peer judging and live stage

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